We have designed our Interactive Live Online Classroom (iLOC) to provide an excellent "in the room" experience for our online participants without requiring specialized equipment or technical knowledge. If you are able to watch a YouTube video, you will be able to participate in our iLOC online classroom!

All you need is any decent computer that allows you to access the Internet. If it takes your computer five minutes to open a word processing document, you may need to invest in an upgrade. Otherwise, you should be fine. You should have a decent Internet connection (our stream requires about 1Mb/sec), but only the slowest dial-up or low-end DSL connections present any potential problem these days. We generally recommend connecting your computer directly to your router with an Ethernet cable, but if you have a really good wireless network, you'll probably be able to use that. You'll need to have the free Adobe Flash Media Player installed on your computer, but it's already installed on most computers already, and we can help you go through the very straightforward process if it's not already on yours.

Don't worry if you feel like you do not understand computers. We have guided hundreds of people through this process, and we have never had a single person who was unable to attend because they were unable to use the system. It may seem a little intimidating to sign up for an online class, but we have designed our system to be very user friendly, and we're happy to provide as much patient support as you need!

NOTE: If you have any further questions about how our online classes work, we encourage you to call the office at 215-844-4321 ext 1 or to send a message to Luke on our community site. We are always happy to help get your account set up and to answer any questions about how the site works!