The Family Center offers therapy services for adults, including both individual and couples therapy; therapy for teens; and Play-Family Therapy for children. All sessions are in person in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. Parking is available.

We apply a range of therapy modalities, including Contextual Family Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Focusing, and Mindfulness Based Play-Family Therapy.

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The Family Center offers a range of therapy modalities to meet the individual needs of adults (including couple therapy), teenagers, and children. These modalities include Contextual Family Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Focusing, and Mindfulness Based Play-Family Therapy. We combine theory & practice from these various fields to provide a rich set of resources for healing. Research in the field of interpersonal neurobiology espouses more than just Talk Therapy, and recommends the integration of the modalities we use here at the center.

While our integration of theory and modalities provides help for specific mental health issues and a way to achieve symptom relief, it does so through the healing of the whole person within the context of his or her life history and relational world. Therefore, the healing can be holistic and often deeply transforming for a client of any age. The modalities used depend on the needs of each individual. Go back to the Drop Down List under Counseling for more information for Children, Teens, and Adults for sample lists of some problems that people bring, when they come here for help.

Insurance Options

We are an out-of-network provide for insurance companies offer PPO (Preferred Provider Option) and POS (Point Of Service) provider options, including private medical funds. Client pays for each session and is reimbursed directly by their insurance company for a percentage of the cost. (Reimbursement usually ranges from 50-80% depending on the insurance contract for mental health services.) We do not accept HMO plans, Medicare, or medical assistance. Many clients with HMO insurance choose to pay out of pocket for our services.

We have experience helping people of all ages who have been victims of crime and are entitled to mental health assistance (approx. $5,000) from the Pennsylvania Victims' Compensation Assistance Program.