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DISCOUNTS: 10% discount for graduate students, recent graduates, retirees, and full-time at-home parents. Our dedication to offering global education includes generous geographical discounts (between 10% and 65%) that match the economy of the each country.

Since 1995, the Family Center has trained hundreds of therapists from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, as well as therapists across the country and around the world both onsite in Philadelphia and through our state-of-the-art Interactive Live Online Classroom (iLOC). We now offer these trainings through video replays, with some courses including live online components.

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The Association for Play Therapy gives non-contact training hours for most of our very popular trainings. (Participant feed-back ranges from 4.5-4.8 / 5) Three of our trainings follow the academic year. Throughout the year, we also offer supervision and one- and two-day seminars . Each summer, we offer a three-day Sand-training Course that is part of our Sandtray Certificate Program. We offer partial scholarships for international trainees. Many of the professionals who train here apply their hours toward the credential of registered play therapist (RPT) and registered play therapist supervisor (RPT-S) with the Association for Play Therapy.

Our video courses usually include a chat room that allows for personal connection while attending the class. Therapists from around the country and the world with internet access can easily attend our trainings. All become members of our Community Network, where they are able to enhance their connection to the professional network, and between classes can post views on matters of clinical and practical interest.

An international community of Play and Family Therapists, studying together and developing friendships around the globe.

We strive to be inclusive of and accessible to all countries and cultures. We have welcomed students so far from every corner of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii; Europe, including many countries in the European Community and also Russia and Turkey; Asia, including India, Malaysia, Laos, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Most professional trainings are approved by the State of Pennsylvania for Continuing Education credits (this approval is recognized by many other states), and by the Association for Play Therapy for continuing education credit specific to non-contact Play Therapy hours.