081007 0035 poke plant ED Pennsylvania Victim Compensation Assistance Program

The Family & Play Therapy Center is committed to increasing the awareness in the Philadelphia community about the resources offered through Pennsylvania's Victims Compensation Assistance Program. If you, or a family member or a loved one have been a victim of crime, you may be entitled to full compensation for weekly therapy. The fund may also cover medical and other expenses.

Crimes need to be reported to the police within two years from the date of the incident. Some exceptions are made for sexual abuse crimes. Examples of situations that entitle you or your children to generous benefits include: having been witness to an act of violence, or victim of robbery, burglary, domestic abuse, car accident involving DUI, or sexual abuse. Victims and their family members have received complete coverage for a year or two of therapy at our private practice centers, as needed.

Victims of crime cut across all socioeconomic strata. The goal of our program is two-fold: to increase the utilization of Victims Compensation Assistance Program resources and to promote and increase the utilization of the Family & Play Therapy Centers Referral Network to provide high quality treatment to victims of crimes.