CLICK HERE to download these instructions in an easily printable format.

  1. Go to

  2. On the navigation bar across the top, click on the “Community” tab.

  3. Click on the “Join Us Now! It’s Free!” button.

  4. Fill in your full name, e-mail address (2x), and password (2x).  The email address that you enter here is the one where you will receive notices regarding the community site. This email address will not be displayed, and you may choose a different email below for display in the community.

  5. Click box to indicate agreement to terms. Click “Terms & Conditions” link to read terms.

  6. Click “Next” button.

  7. Provide information requested. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. The others are optional. We encourage you to provide enough information to give other community members a sense of your background and practice. Please note that the email address that you enter here will be displayed to other members of the community, and it does not need to match the email address that you entered above.

  8. When you have completed this information, click the “Register” button at the bottom of the page.

  9. Here’s where you upload your photo. You may click on “Skip” at the top and upload your photo later, if you don’t have one handy. Please keep in mind that a photo on your profile will really allow others in the community to see you as a human being, rather than just a name on a list. In addition, you will only be eligible for certain perks, such as our free seminar attendance drawings, if you have a photo of yourself in your profile. If you are having any difficulty uploading a photo, please let us know, as we are always happy to help!

  10. Click ‘Browse’.

  11. Find and select your photo on your computer. Click ‘Upload’. You will see the photo and a preview of the thumbnail that will show up with your posts on the community site.

  12. Click ‘Next’ to complete your registration.

  13. Within the next couple of minutes, you will receive an email at the email address that you provided with your password in step 4. The email will contain an activation link. Just click on this link, and your profile will be activated. (If you are having trouble clicking on the link, please copy and paste it into the address bar on your browser.) You are now able to log in to the community site with your email address and password!

NOTE: If you are having any difficulty with this process, you are welcome to call the office at 215-844-4321 ext 1. We are always happy to help get your account set up and to answer any questions about how the site works!